Tomcat 线程模型详解

Tomcat 作为最常见的 Servlet 容器,在 6.x 版本就支持了 NIO 模式的 Connector 和 Reactor 模式相比有什么特殊之处吗?首先来看下面的表格:

Java Nio Connector NIO Java Nio2 Connector NIO2 APR/native Connector APR
Classname Http11NioProtocol Http11Nio2Protocol Http11AprProtocol
Tomcat Version since 6.0.x since 8.0.x since 5.5.x
Support Polling YES YES YES
Polling Size maxConnections maxConnections maxConnections
Read Request Headers Non Blocking Non Blocking Non Blocking
Read Request Body Blocking Blocking Blocking
Write Response Headers and Body Blocking Blocking Blocking
Wait for next Request Non Blocking Non Blocking Non Blocking
SSL Support Java SSL or OpenSSL Java SSL or OpenSSL OpenSSL
SSL Handshake Non blocking Non blocking Blocking
Max Connections maxConnections maxConnections maxConnections
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